NUNU Construction Limited


I. Building Construction and Civil Engineering works 

This division of the company offers a wide range of services from project initiation to completion. The services rendered under this division include:

  1. Design, Construction, and Supervision of road side drains, ditches, culverts, drainage, and flood control structures.
  2. Structural design, Construction and Supervision of Buildings (industrial, Commercial, and Residential).
  3. Design and Construction of affordable housing units and educational facilities (Class Room blocks, Libraries, Auditoriums, Dormitories etc.)
  4. Renovation of old and existing buildings
  5. Surveying, Rehabilitation, Maintenance and Construction of roads and all kind of bridges.

II. Water Resources Engineering, Environmental Management & Groundwater Development

The service offered by this Division of the company consists of the following areas:

  1. Design and operation of both municipal and rural water resources systems
  2. Design and construction of drainage and flood control structures.
  3. Hydrological and hydro geological studies

The major areas of operation under the Water Resources, environmental management and groundwater development sector include the following areas:

  1. Carrying out geophysical investigation to select favorable sites for borehole drilling, analysis and interpretation of geophysical data, and carrying out and interpretation data on borehole logging.
  2. Drilling and construction of boreholes. Construction and installation of overhead storage tanks.
  3. Carrying out pumping tests on boreholes to determine aquifer characteristics for planning purposes. Analysis and interpretation of pumping test data.
  4. Supply and installation of pumps.
  5. Carrying out analysis on borehole water to determine their quality for both domestic and agricultural purposes.
  6. Design and construction of roadside drain, ditches, culverts, drainage and flood-control structures.
  7. Design and construction of water and sanitation structures for effective environmental management and control.
  8. Training of private sector personnel in the management of their water supply systems.
  9. Preparation of detailed technical reports on projects to clients upon request.


III. Architectural and Engineering Services

The Architectural and Engineering service division offers many consultancy services in the building industry ranging from project initiation, through construction to completion. The Services include:

  1. Structural design, construction and or supervision of building contracts.
  2. Preparation of detailed structural and Architectural designs.
  3. Project evaluation and estimation of quantities

IV. Painting, Electrical and Plumbing works

The service rendered under this division includes:

  1. Renovation and painting of industrial, commercial, and residential buildings and other infrastructural structures.
  2. Electrical wiring of commercial, industrial, and residential buildings
  3. Both large and small scale pluming works are undertaken. It also includes construction and installation of domestic and public sewage systems.

V. Supply and Delivery of Construction materials and equipment

Nunu construction undertakes the contract of supplying construction materials of all kinds to prospective contractors and developers.

Some building construction materials which we supply are:

  1. Sand
  2. Gravels
  3. Cement of all kinds
  4. Iron rods of all diameters
  5. Roofing sheets
  6. Timber
  7. Culverts/Blocks
  8. Floor and Wall tiles
  9. Furniture etc.

In the Civil and Road construction industries, we supply:
  1. Gravels and all kinds and chippings
  2. Culverts / Pavement Blocks
  3. Sub grade / Sub base materials
  4. Asphalts coatings
  5. Equipment and machinery like bulldozers, scaffolds, cranes, forklifts, graders, excavators to mention a few


In the water Industry, we supply and install pumps (hand and submersible of any capacity).

    1. PVC pipes of all sizes and diameters (Both plain and screen).
    2. Overhead water storage facilities etc.

VI. Import and Export of Heavy Equipment

The company undertakes the contract of importation of heavy equipment such as Tipper trucks, Bulldozers, Excavators, Movable crane, Fork Lifts, Scaffolds, Water Tankers, Pickups and Company machinery of all kinds. We also supply vehicle of all kind to ministries factories etc.